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 Posted: Fri Mar 12th, 2010 07:35 am
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The passage I am asking about is footnoted,"Woodworth,Davis pp49-50", a book I do not have.

In "Shiloh", talking of A.S.Johnston, Daniels writes in Chapter One, The Capitals;

" Among his peers only Robert E Lee proved the exception. Although Lee graduated from West Point three years after Johnston, and was suborbinate to him in the 2nd Cavalry, he was offered top command of the United States Army at the beginning of the war,second only to Winfield Scott. When he declined, the position was offered to Johnston, who similarly refused. Davis subsequently made Lee commander of all the Confederate armies where he functioned as a presidential chief-of-staff, while Johnston received the actual field command. How different the war might have been had the roles been reversed."

Anybody have the Woodworth book?

Thanks, I did subsequently find the passage in Catton, but as you say, it is not referenced.

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