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 Posted: Fri Mar 12th, 2010 08:19 pm
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TimK wrote: I have no problem with people that are proud of their heritage. However to many, many people, this flag has become a symbol of hate. Blacks, Jewish people, Catholics, and most anybody that doesn't believe in white supremacy have over time learned to see hate when they see this flag. Right or wrong, that is what it has evolved into.

Okay hold on now I find fault in this. I am Catholic and Mexican and I dont like the KKK or any of thoughs others who cower behinde it. They dont know the true meaning of that flag, but I do. It was a Batlle Flag not a National flag as most believe in and my ancestors followed a cause in wich they believed in not some flag yes when they surrendered at the end of the war they cried as they were torn to bits and burned or taken away from them, but it was a symbol. I see no hate in that flag just the people who use it in that way. A symbol is just a symbol no matter how you use it. Just cause it was used as a white supremacist symbol doesnt mean thats what I see it as. Sorry if I am rambling. I just cant seem to put it into words.

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