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 Posted: Mon Mar 15th, 2010 07:31 pm
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TimK it is not towards you. I said I hate thoughs who use it wrong and are white supremsits. If you are nethier we have no problems. As for everything else Javal has a point yall. We tend to forget some things about our Heritage. I am a proud descendant of ex Confederate Soldiers who owned no slave and wanted states rights. If it was for the slavery I am no sure I would be so proud. Slaves are wrong. One should never own anoher. It was just as much a part of this war as States Rights and Industry over Farming. Before I present myself to any class wearing that uniform I always say I fight for Rights not Slaves. I nor did my ancestors ever own a single on during the Civil War. Once I say that they listen not just look at me with disgust but listen to what I say and understand what and why some men fought for the south.  The thing is classes in the north teach about everything against the south and the south does the same thing in the classrooms to the north. We fix that and maybe students the future will understand that the flag only means what it does to the KKK or whoever uses it that way.

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