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 Posted: Thu Mar 18th, 2010 02:33 pm
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Doc C wrote:

Thanks for your help. Spencers war record has been a problem for me. As it turns out he's from the Eastern Shore of Maryland just minutes from where I now live. I have to get back down to Atlanta to see his statue.


Doc C

I found him on a muster roll. He is on muster of Company B..of "The Battalion of the Georgia Military Cadets or G.M. I. Cadets"

I found the brief history of Georgia Military Inst. and the musters rolls I found fit the last paragraph on the first page.;col1

I pasting in form Wiki a brief history of combat....

GMI was established in Marietta, Georgia, on July 1, 1851. The campus consisted of 110 acres (0.45 km2).
Seven students started classes in July and twenty-eight men were in attendance by the end of the first year.[1]
GMI operated regularly until the spring of 1864 when the cadets were formed into two companies and deployed to West Point, Georgia, as a result of the Civil War.
During the course of the Civil War, superintendent Francis W. Capers sent cadets to use as drill instructors for CSA, and other cadets volunteered or were drafted[2]. On May 14, 1864, GMI Cadets fought in the Battle of Resaca and made contact with the 9th Illinois Mounted Infantry regiment. After this single engagement, the cadets were pulled off the front line. [3]
The empty campus was burned by Sherman's troops on November 15, 1864. Following the Civil War, Georgia Military Institute was not rebuilt. In its place was founded North Georgia Agricultural College in Dahlonega, Georgia, as the Military College of Georgia.
To honor the legacy of GMI, the Georgia Army National Guard named its Officer Candidate School after it in 1961. In 2008, GMI returned to Marietta[4].

I think Sam Spencer embellished his military record just a little...I do not think he was in the cavalry another link.

Here's a Great Link about GMI Cadtes...


I could put up more links about the GMI Cadets but Sam Spencer served form May of 1964 to May 1865 in the CSA. I do not think he served Forrest or Hood as a Cavalry man but as Infantry....

I found this picture of 9th IL CAVALRY and GMI Cadets at Resaca dueling it out...

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