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 Posted: Tue Mar 23rd, 2010 03:22 pm
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Very nice continustion of an old thread ;)

In comparing the two campaigns, I'd say the CSA decided that Vicksburg was worth the risk of losing an army. The strategic union goal of commanding the Mississippi forced the CSA tactical loss of the southern Army of Mississippi.

In the east, Meade was in no such position. In fact, in 4 years, the Army of the Potomac was never in a position where it's loss was a risk worth taking.

At Gettysbutg, Meade on the defensive, had much less at stake than Pemberton at Vicksburg. The town of Gettysburg and the position at Cemetery Ridge is several orders of magnitude less crucial to the war effort then Vicksburg and worth little actual risk.

No one ever looked at a map and said, 'Gettysburg is the key...'; it's just another crossroads where 2 armies bumped into each other...


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