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 Posted: Tue Mar 30th, 2010 02:06 pm
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I ate grits once. Once being the key word.

But back to travel. I really like to stay at the Sleep Inn in Frederick when I have the chance to visit. It is clean, not real expensive (I think about $100 a night), and directly across the street from Monocacy. Frederick is also like the hub with spokes that go to Gettysburg, another to South Mountain and Antietam, another to Harpers Ferry, another to Baltimore, and another to DC.

If time allows I like to drive down to Fredericksburg by way of Manassas, and then set up shop there for a few days. I have also travelled further south and spent some very informative and fascinating days in Petersburg. Both places have decent accommodations and places to eat. But honestly, when I do this without my family, I usually buy a few bottles of water, a bag of apples and a box of crackers and eat off that. I like to spend my time in the battlefields and not spend a lot of time looking for food. I can eat at home, but only have so many hours that I can stomp battlefields.

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