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 Posted: Thu Apr 1st, 2010 01:52 am
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Envy you, Irish. I haven't even been over there yet. But then, I can drive over there, and I'm quite familiar with driving on the right side of the road.

General rule is that you can get away with 5 mph over the posted limit on highways. Interstates, in congested areas, is 55 or less. In open country, it will be whatever the particular state wants it to be. Sixty-five is the norm in the crowded states. When you get west and it opens up, 80 can be the (hint, hint) max.

It varies, state by state. As you will be in the east, I can't help you with the locals. Over here, if you have Illinois plates, you tread lightly through Wisconsin as their Smokies really like to tag us.

You'll have to gather some advice from those who live over there. Best bet is to not turn right from the left lane, and to stay within a couple miles of the posted limit. And watch for the signs. Some states will have about four signs per mile. Some states will have about one sign per four miles. Stick close and you will have no trouble as long as you can remember to stay to your right.

When you drift left, use the winkers. Do not change lanes without your winkers. Sooner or later, you'll run across someone who needs to fill his quota of tickets. Don't worry if you get pulled over. Say yes sir and no sir and cooperate. Chances are, if you are nice, he/she will cut you some slack.

We're diverse, but if you get stopped, you keep your hands where they can be seen. You don't move them until you have to open the window. Then you do it slowly.

It's not really all that bad; almost everyone you'll run across will be very nice. But not everyone. So you play to the long bet.

For the best routes, I'll turn you back over to those who know the roads. If you were to come out west, I'd have some really good advice.

I'm about to get doused with driving in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania myself ... in middle or late June. If we cross paths, I still look much like my avatar except I don't wear glasses anymore.


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