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 Posted: Thu Apr 1st, 2010 11:22 am
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Good to see this thread is generating lots of chat.

Old Blu - The maps are excellent, it's a great resource.

Thanks for the tripadvisor link, I got invaluable advice from there several times and never thought of it for this trip.

Java1, yes I got some free stuff posted to me from civil war traveller, again a very good resource.

Ole - I always thought it was pronounced O-Lee? Thanks for the driving advice. I must admit to liking porridge so I might give the grits a go, over here we have a popular Breakfast item called black pudding that's actually made with Pig's blood, can't say I like it myself but again it's part of the cultural experience. I can't remember some other southern delicacy but it was made with the remnants of a chicken, Chitlins or something like that it was called, sounded bad.

After some good browsing yesterday I discovered I can get the train to Fredricksburg and Manassas from DC, I can also get an Amtrak to Baltimore so I can drive to Gettysburg from there then all the way to Richmond. I've to do some checking with Amtrak regarding getting back to DC from Richmond or near there.

Thanks for the responses, if any of you are thinking of heading the other way across the Atlantic I will try and help them out now that the Euro-Dollar is a bit better for you guys.


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