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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2010 05:23 pm
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The Hornets Nest must have been of some importance since the Confederates threw 62 cannon at it. Was Prentice a hero? In my opinion, probably. I am given to understand that Chamberlain was not considered much of a hero immediately after Gettysburg, his fame came many years later. Maybe the same is true of Prentice. In any event, had Prentice and his men not held that line for as long as they did, Pittsburg Landing might well have fallen, we will never know for sure. The one thing that cannot be denied is that it played a major role in the battle and maybe the Civil War itself. If his line had broken early and Shiloh lost, there can be little doubt that Halleck would have kicked Grant out of the army, "admiring" Grant as he did. As it was, he demoted Grant for not doing a good enough job. If that had happened, would Lincoln have found a General to do what Grant eventually did?

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