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 Posted: Tue Apr 6th, 2010 03:20 am
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I read it and also heard him speak at the West Coast Civil War Round Table several years ago.  He was wonderful. 

I tell the kids at the Drum all the time about Sibley.  That one of the reason's our military post was built in Wilmington California was to protect the area from Confederates from capturing the harbor.  I always tell them we are lucky Sibley was stopped at Glorietta.   

When I took the train east and went though Apache Pass we had a park volunteer tell us about the battle.  He said it was a minor battle that didn't really affect the war .  I said just loud enough that many heard me .  NOT important?  Just stopped the Confederates from heading to California to capture the Harbor.  I was asked about what I said and to tell them more about it .  I did my lecture on the Drum Barracks for the people near me that had asked.  One guy says you must work at the Drum.  I said yes I do.


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