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 Posted: Fri Apr 9th, 2010 03:33 pm
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It is just yet again a reminder as to why this war never will end. Yeah maybe the war aspect but the effect is still here. It is very difficult to talk of the war without starting a heated disscusion. Names are called out and even sometimes fights. It is because of our nations ignorance to what the war was and not just what the two sides say it is. Down South its State Rights and Slavery was just a issue made up by the north to gain enlistment. Slavery was an issue not the start. Up North it is all about how the South was nasty and southern people are racist and owned slaves and we fought this war for to free them. Schools dont let the students learn either. History Books tell the story to what every side they are used for. It is sad because I sat in my High School American History Class and listen to my own teacher say things that are wrong of the south. She couldnt even say the right flag as the Confederate flag. She said it was the Confederate Battle Flag not the Stars and Bars. She had alot of so many wrong facts that I was ignored when I would raise my hand to correct her. I am sorry to say also down south its the same. I mean maybe if they nation as a whole knew the story of the Civil War they would realize that just because Slavery was a Issue doesnt mean it started the war. It was many issue yet this one always seems to be said it is the only issue.

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