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 Posted: Sat Apr 10th, 2010 11:39 pm
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I am a BIG  fan of Newts  in other  areas  but his book  here  blows    chunks of  moose   crap. I mean it is   VILE.

In order to  make his  Book  counter factual  he   has to do something that NO   Good historian   should  ever do.

Newt  changes the character and  professional abilities of one of the most  Underated Union Generals   ever... George  G meade.

in his  Book  he  actuallys  has Meade  cowering  in terror   while his    HQ at  GB ( lecister  House) is under attack.

 Ok lets be  fair Meade was NO   Grant or Lee.  He   was proabaly as good as  Jackson and sherman. But no matter   how you feel  about Meade   to have  his  cower  in fear.... is  Just a   real Low  blow... and  a   direct attack on his  character.  

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