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 Posted: Fri Apr 16th, 2010 12:26 am
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I personally don't look at the CBF as a racist symbol. But I'd love to hear a logical explanation as to why the CBF is the only one to take all the heat.
I don't either, Sorrel, but lots and lots of people do -- lots more than the few of us who know what it represents to our little group. And I'm never too sure why a particular individual flies it in his yard. However, when the tattoos and bumper stickers and shaved heads come out, I get a pretty good idea.

I'd be personally in favor of summary execution for anyone misusing it, but that does sound a bit extreme, doesn't it?

The PC do-gooders and the racist fringe have thoroughly hijacked it and I can't see how it can be taken back. Nothing short of getting the President and the Congress to put their weight behind a campaign might salvage it. Don't hold your breath.


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