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 Posted: Fri Apr 16th, 2010 05:42 pm
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I found two Pvt. Counts in Company K 25th Al. Infantry,,,,

Daniel Counts and Simeon Counts.....

Another brief history of the regiment....

25th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
25th Infantry Regiment was formed at Mobile, Alabama, in December, 1861, by consolidating the 1st and 6th (McClellan's) Alabama Infantry Battalions. The men were from the counties of Saint Clair, Talladega, Pickens, Shelby, Calhoun, Randolph, Coffee, and Pike. Sent to Tennessee, the regiment was assigned to General Gladden's Brigade, but because of illness had only 305 effectives at Shiloh. It saw little action in the Kentucky Campaign under General Gardner, then was attached to General Deas', G.D. Johnston's, and Brantley's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. The 25th participated in the difficult campaigns of the army frm Murfreesboro to Atlanta, fought with Hood in Tennessee, and was engaged at Kinston and Bentonville. It reported 90 casualties at Shiloh and 117 at Murfreesboro. This unit lost thirty-three percent of the 330 at Chickamauga, and in December, 1863, totalled 304 men and 174 arms. Forty-one percent of 273 were disabled in the Battle of Atlanta, and thirteen percent of 173 at Ezra Church. It surrendered with 70 officers and men. Colonels John Q. Loomis and George D. Johnston, Lieutenant Colonel William B. McClellan, and Major Daniel E. Huger were its field officers.

Here's a site to Deas Brigade....learned form it Company K was called "Rabby's Independent" company


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