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 Posted: Sat Apr 17th, 2010 04:45 pm
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No, I think you have a mystery here with Walter Honsinger...below is the list of Honsingers that served in MI units...

1 Honsinger, Philip
Union 1st Regiment, Engineers and Mechanics, Michigan

2 Honsinger, Preston
Union 7th Regiment, Michigan Cavalry

3 Honsinger, Walter L.
Union 7th Regiment, Michigan Cavalry

4 Honsinger, William
Union 4th Regiment, Michigan Infantry (2nd organization)

I guess Preston and Walter are related....

Below is the man buried at Andersonville and back in Michigan....

Honsinger, Walter I. 7th Cavalry, Company C #3483

Honsinger, Walter L, b. 15 May 1841, d. 16 Jul 1864 at Andersonville Prison

It is the same man I would wager on....I bet the I instead of an L for middle initial is human error along with you having a death date being one day off....

The mystery is which grave is Walter's remains in?

I guess the grave in GA. is empty......or Walter's family got the wrong remains returned to them....

Enjoy your mystery....


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