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 Posted: Sun Apr 18th, 2010 08:52 pm
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Oh my deah sweet friends - Spy indeed ! Shame on those Boys. And I do mean boys, accusin' me of bein' a traitor spy! Well, I nevah, in all of my grown days evah heard anything so completely foolish, as to label me a spy!

Why, I was nothing more than a sincere, loving companion to those dear Generals, oh they Nevah complained to me while I was in their company .... Oh no, it was only when the beast of jealousy invaded their hearts, that they deemed me a spy and a traitor and sent me away to incarceration.

But, seein's how I am a strong woman, strongah than the Generals, I will say, I accepted their ridiculous vendetta, served my time, and lived the rest of my life, a very happy, fulfilled lady. I harboured no resentment; after all, they are just men.

It's so very nice to know y'all are still thinkin' of lil' ole me after all this time.

My dearest and sincerest regards,

Annie Jones.

" I intend to make Georgia howl. " - General William T. Sherman, Union Army.
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