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 Posted: Wed Oct 18th, 2006 03:12 am
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Thank you very much to everyone for the compliments.  Hey Mike, next summer we hope to be living in Richmond or Fredericksburg, so we will definetly take you up on that offer!  And, Ulysses, thank you again for your nice comments.  We loved Charleston, it was our first trip there, but definetly not our last!

Younglobo, thanks, it was so cool there that morning.  It was as we were on our way to Charleston, and it was so foggy I had to stop by the battlefield and see if it was foggy there too.  Luckily it was!

Art, have a blast!  We just racked up 2600 miles on our 9 days, it was a lot of time on our butts in that car, but it was worth it!

And Kent, I'm glad you liked them too!  I am guessing it's nice in Charleston during anytime of the year, but I have to say the weather was just about perfect when we were there, the fall is great!



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