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 Posted: Mon Apr 26th, 2010 03:45 pm
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The Pacific and European theaters had some very interesting and compelling differences.


The Pacific campaign of island-hopping created periods of intense combat followed by lulls of re-training. The ETO was pretty much three long campaigns (for Americans): Africa, Italy and northwest Europe. For the troops, the fighting was continuous.


In some ways, the PTO had a static series of objectives that, once taken, could not be recaptured. The objective was the current island and the men knew, no matter how horrific the casualties, that they would rotate out of the front line.


In Europe the situation was very fluid. Germany could, and did, counterattack and ‘un-do’ weeks and months of Allied gains. Berlin was the only true objective.


All areas in the ETO were reachable by enemy aircraft until mid-1944 when the allies achieved air supremacy over allied and occupied territory.


Ernie Pyle tried to capture the differences while in the Pacific at the end of his life and caught a lot of grief for his reporting…




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