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 Posted: Wed Apr 28th, 2010 11:21 am
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Since the original question was whether the first day at Gettysburg would have been different if Jackson had been there as a Corps commander instead of Ewell I'll throw in my opinion on the matter.

I think Ewell gets a lot of unwarranted criticism for the end of the first day. His men had fought all day, he had very limited intelligence has to what awaited him beyond Cupls hill, it was late in the day and to adequately support the advance he would have needed Hill to come up alongside him which Hill appeared to be unwilling or unable to do. Therefore he had several good reasons to stay where he was, they'd done a good days work.

Even if he(or Jackson) had taken Culps hill the AOP wouldn't have made their defence on Seminary ridge and would have withdrawn, albeit somewhat badly beaten up. So now the CSA now holds the stronghold of Gettysburg - big deal, Gettysburg would just be another town where there was a fight during the war. Meade has a very strong defensive postion at the Pipe Creek, Lee still doesn't know where Stuart is nor does he know the strength of the Union army in front of him. Lee is in a good position to attack Harrisburg, I don't believe that he would have attacked DC.

One other point is that if Jackson had lived, the ANV would not have been re-org'd into 3 corps which could have put a different tactical scenario for the ANV as Lee sought to invade the North with 2 larger corp instead of 3 smaller ones.

What if's are good fun but there's too many possibilities for one thread so you're better off sticking to the original point. I sometimes wonder would the legend of Jackson be as strong if he didn't suffer such an untimely death. He is portrayed as a tragic hero of the confederacy, his legend might have been somewhat tarnished if he'd have lived through the last two years of the war where even Jackson would have got whipped.

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