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 Posted: Wed May 5th, 2010 03:53 pm
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Doc C wrote: People also fail to understand how much damage Ivan did to Mobile, Pensacola, etc, the year before Katrina. My townhouse in Gulf Shores, Alabama was 75% destroyed by it and people are just now getting over that one. However, if you choose to live on the gulf coast you have to expect hurricanes and the havouc which they can bring.


I am from Florence in the norhtwest corner of the state. I fish the Tennessee river often and I was amazed by the devistation to the forests from Ivan.... That was one powerful storm to have caused the damage it caused 250 to 300 miles north of landfall. I did get to Mobile/ Gulf Shores the following summer (Biloxi area as well) and could see in GS the damage. Fortunately I got to see Beauvoir and the gorgeous homes along the hiway one last time before the devistation of Katrina.



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