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 Posted: Thu May 6th, 2010 07:08 pm
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Sorrel:    I am with you 100% on this one.  But last night, I was reading alot of the arguments on the web, both pro and con.  It appears it has come down to alot of name calling.  This Pro-casino guy wrote about 10 pages of argument why he favored the casino..he was a Gettysburg resident.  He said 1.)  look at the area now that they want to build this casino.  It is a dump.  Junk cars, junk, unkept yards, weed grown lots, etc etc.  Then he said, to respond to those who argue that the casino will violate the battlefield and its sacred memory, he said, "Look what the town has become...tee shirt shops, souveniers shops, little child war toys, the General Lee Tavern...and on and on.  He argued that those who dwell on the sanctity of the place should have fought what it has become...Bourbon Street on Baltimore Road.  He said it will be far out of town, create hundreds of new jobs in an area which has to close for the winter....It kind of made me think.   Im still against it, because it is just not right.  I wish the town had more bookstores, museums and restaurants selling hardtack.  I certainly dont want to ever double down before or after visiting the battlefield.  Just my thought.

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