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 Posted: Fri Oct 20th, 2006 07:11 am
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I have the same problem , an older now van and I need to do the whole of Tennessee .  I am in California.  I am hoping either this spring or next year.  I just got back from two weeks in South Carolina with a side trip to North Caroline to Bentonville . 

If you get a chance go to Florence South Carolina.  There is a city museum there that has a great Civil War relic room.  Small but very nicely done with great collection of relics. The school where Timrod taught is right on the grounds also.   Then the National cemetery has the grave of the first woman buried in a national cemetery .  She was a prisoner at the Florence Stockade. 

The Friends of the Florence Stockade  are working hard to buy property and restore the area to what was there at the time of the Civil War.  We wandered around trying to find it and found out later we were right inthe middle of the stockade.  Or at least where it had been.    I emailed a member and had a great conversation later on the phone about what they are trying to do there.  Really nice people. 

Confederate Relic Room in Columbia and the Quaker Cemetery in Camden where Richard Kirkland is buried are my two most impressive sights besides the Hunley of course.  Richard Kirkland's grave had two real canteens hanging on the sides of the headstone.  I stood there and cried. 

Mike I loved your photos.  Great job as usual. Thanks for sharing them.

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