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 Posted: Sat May 8th, 2010 07:47 am
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Michael F. Blake

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I am going to Gettysburg soon.  First time.  We are staying 3 days in town. 

Been boning up on books, websites, etc.  I have some questions that hopefully can be answered & won't make the vets of the board roll their eyes.....remember, I am new here.:D

1) We want to have a personal guide.  Are there certain people to request (or avoid)? 

What we are interested in is a general overview of the place, with Pickett's charge area, Little Round Top & the Wheatfield (I'm interested in the Irish Brigade).

2) Can you actually walk the field where Pickett's charge happened?  You won't incur the wrath of the Park service?

3) In Gettysburg (we are staying 3 days in town), what are MUST SEE's?

4) What are the best places to eat at in Gettysburg?

5) Where is the BEST store to get Civil War books in Gettysburg? (i.e., best choices, knowledgable staff)

6) Any other stores in town we should hit?  I'm planning on Irish Brigade Store.  Would like to get something (toys, soldiers, etc) for the grandkids -- and maybe even me.;) it worth a trip to Harrisburg to see the National Civil War Museum?

Thank you in advance!

Michael F. Blake


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