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 Posted: Sat May 8th, 2010 04:05 pm
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Hello Mike,

Hiring a battlefield guide is the best way to tour the battlefield. I've hired 3 and all 3 were great. No complaints on my end.

You sure can walk the fields of Pickett's Charge. There will be lots of parking at the Virginia Monument on the Confederate side of the battlefield. Its the very large monument with General Lee on his horse at the top of the monument. You cant miss it. You'll see the trail to left of lot. The trail will lead you to the union lines.

Places to see in town......well there are lots of shops to see. If ghost tours are your thing, you will find plenty to accommodate your entertainment. One of the best ghost tours I was on was at the Farnsworth House. At the end of the tour they take you to the attic where the Confederates used it as a sharpshooters post. Which brings me to my favorite place to eat....the Farnsworth house. Excellent food! The game pie is awesome. Heres the link to them

Ernie's Texas Lunch is another great place to eat. The Texas hot dogs are one of the best I had and the prices are very reasonable. They are on Chambersburg St. up by the square.

Roman Inn Pizza & Sub Shoppe. Great subs and pizza! They're also on Chambersburg St.

I think the best place to find books is at American Civil War Museum 

While there, take the time to visit the wax museum. Its pretty good. You will find so many shoppes you'll be pulling your hair out. lol. Enjoy and have fun.

Hope this helps. If I can think of anything else. I'll post it for ya.

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