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 Posted: Sun May 9th, 2010 01:02 am
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Hi Mike,

I agree with Ole Sorrel--definitely get a guide. They will tailor their tours to what you are interested in, although most also have areas they specialize in. I've used at least a half dozen different ones, and they've all been great. Some of my favorites: Charlie Fennell, Clay Reber, Rich Kohr. To get a better feel for what guides are out there and their special areas of interest, check out the Gettysburg Daily website:

As far as what to see, you won't lack for entertainment or food. For good pizza: Tommy's Pizza or Mama Ventura's. For home cooking: The Avenue. For breakfast: Lincoln Diner.

There will be plenty to see at the new Visitor's Center. Don't miss the Cyclorama painting there, and the bookstore's book section is good. Also, the Farnsworth House has some good books. I haven't been there yet, but the Wills House, where Lincoln stayed before the Gettysburg Address, is right on the square (also called the Diamond) and is supposed to be pretty good. There are plenty of stores selling genuine CW antiques, tee shirts, studios by CW artists like Dale Gallon, ice cream, fries, more tees shirts, etc. on Steinwehr Avenue near the old VC entrance.

Definitely do walk the field: there are usually a couple mowed paths from in front of the Virginia Monument on Seminary Ridge across Pickett's Charge, across Emitsburg Road and all the way to the Angle on Cemetery Ridge. LRT can get busy with tours (hard to park), but the view is great, especially with the new tree clearing in the Valley of Death; if you can, give climbing the trail up Big Round Top a try. Good view on the back side of it. There really isn't any part of the battlefield you SHOULDN'T walk, and that's the best way to see it.

Word warning: use the restrooms before you leave the VC. They just removed the bathrooms in Devil's Den, and there aren't any convenient ones close once you are on the field. And take your bug spray along, and do a deer tick check afterward: lots of deer, lots of ticks, and Lyme disease is no fun!

I haven't been to the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg for a few years. It had been great when it opened about 10 years ago but then went through a slump; lately, I've heard the museum's adminstrators have been trying to "juice it up." It's not hard to get to from Gettysburg, though, so it might be worth it.

Enjoy your trip, and let us know how it went!


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