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 Posted: Tue May 11th, 2010 01:35 am
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  Since the stated goal of the Confederate Government was to secure its independence from the north, the Confederates did not have to win militarily to achieve that goal. They just had to avoid losing. A draw was as good as a win.

  Since the north had almost every advantage, the best chance for the south to achieve the draw was to wear down the will of the northern people to continue the war.

  The best way to achieve this end was to fight a defensive war and to attempt to inflict massive casualties on the attacker by forcing him to attack continually to attain his objectives. The southerners had to find a way to undermine the determination of the northern populace to continue the necessary sacrifice.

  I would maintain that there was still a chance for the draw until the presidential election of 1864. If General McClellan had won, as Lincoln had thought he would earlier in that year, the outcome of the war might have been different. However, by this time, both the northern soldiers and the general populace were determined to see the thing through. McClellan was crushed, and the Confederacy was doomed.

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