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 Posted: Fri May 14th, 2010 07:11 pm
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 Harrisburg museum is a well balanced child and adult friendly place. It has many original pieces to please th hard cores like me, and a well presented and balanced presentation of the Civil war that does not require a hard core campaigner to be enjoyed. It is not far and is easy to access from Gettys burg.

Go to the visitor center, see the movie and the cyclorama. You may wish to join the friends of Gettysburg. You can do it there. If you join admission to the museum, movie, and cyclorama are free.

Then you may wish to do the driving guide using a CD purchased at the visitor center.

 Then get a guide. They are all very knowledegable and can give tours specific to your intrest. That could be units, actions or specific locations. They will drive your vehicle and if you want to walk or ride you will not be sisapointed.   

 I would avoid the large tour buses.  

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