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 Posted: Mon May 17th, 2010 08:38 pm
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Here is the website for all of the Guides.

 Perhaps the ALBG or Gettysburg Daily could list "specialties"?  Although, as an ironwoker, I wouldn't want to be limited to being a welder or a rebar tier, or high iron connector.  I would merely want to be called a journeyman and be able to do it all.  All of the Guides have tested out because they know alot about everything Gettysburg.  I wonder how Gettysburg Daily chooses their speakers and if having a specific tour played out leads to more business?  Is there competition for work? I know Deb Novotny is an expert on Evergreen Cemetary, Stu Dempsey the 11th Corps, Dave Weaver an expert on Thaddeus Stevens foundary, and there is a good expert on Arlington Cemetary and Lincoln Assassination and Booth Routes.  I just think the Guides are the kind of people you can spend alot of time talking to over pizza and a beer.  Down to earth folks who love the grounds and what it stands for.

Thanks Sorrel for the restaurant rec's.

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