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 Posted: Sun May 30th, 2010 11:14 pm
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First off, thanks to everyone with their tips and suggestions.

All I can say is WOW!!:shock:

There were 2 things that really stand out:

1) No matter how many books, maps & documentaries you study, one has no idea how VAST this battlefield truly is until they see it in person.  I was just amazed at the size and suddenly understood how hard it was to move men & equipment around that place.

2) For a place of tremendous violence, I was struck by the beauty & peacefulness of the area.  I felt the same way when I visited Little Big Horn.

Having a personal guide was the BEST money spent.  One of the posters recommend Joe & that is who we had.  It was just delightful and really put the battle into prespective for my wife & I.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning as he drove us past places I had read about and now saw for real.

Personally, I enjoyed the new museum at the battlefield.  I understand some of the comments many of the "hard core" Gettysburg historians have discussed, but I felt, as a first time visitor, that it gave a good overall view of the war, as well as showing one the stories and items of the 3-day battle.

I was amazed that the cyclorama is still standing after reading about the various attempts in the past on fixing it.  I was very impressed with the artwork and presentation.  I especially liked how they created the border that blended into the cyclorama to give you a feeling of really being there.

Do think they need to remove the old cyclorama building.  It really does not serve a purpose anymore and is more important to give visitors a fell of what the land was really like back in 1863.  Standing there now, it just looks shabby and takes away from the history of the area IMHO.

Along those lines, I am very happy with the efforts of the NPS to restore the battelfield to what it looked like back at the time.  I think it is a great idea.

Wish I had spent more time in town & around Culp & Cemetery Hill.  But that is a good excuse as any to go back.

Thanks again for all the tips!

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