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 Posted: Sun May 30th, 2010 11:28 pm
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I spent a day in Washington visiting Ford's Thetare.

Came away with mixed feelings.  I really enjoyed sitting in the theatre.  We sat through 2 presentations.  One was by a park service person who recounted what happened.  His presentation was pretty dull IMHO.  If I heard him say "Anyways..." one more time I was gonna scream!

The second rpesentation was a 1-act play with 2 actors playing Henry Hawks and Ford.  They recounted what happened, often playing other parts.  It was quite good, well written and performed.  If you get a chance to see it, do so.  Of the 2 presentations, the play was the best by far.

Then I went to the museum, which is how they herd you through, befor egoing into the theatre.  My wife & daughter had been there many years ago and said it was quite different.

Personally, I think the museum is poorly laid out, along with the MAJOR problem being they give you 30 minutes to see everything and that's it.  You cannot go back to catch anything you missed.


I felt they tried to squeeze a lot of things into the small area, instead of focusing on what we all come to see...the site where our first US President was killed.  They have a small area wher ethey show life-sized statutes of the conspricators, along with pictures and a brief bio.  I like this very much.  The statutes were errie as you felt you were standing next to the real person.

I liked being able to see Booth's boot, Dr. Mudd's surgical kit, etc.  All of this interested me greatly.  (I have to admit, I am fascinated with the whole events of that night...what a movie it could make.)

I was really pissed off when I see they have pushed into a small corner the suit Lincoln wore, and other items from that night including tickets, theatre bill, etc.  To me all of this should be displayed front & center (as my wife said it was when she saw it about 10 yrs ago).

Again, my biggest complaint is that you only have 30 minutes to see everything, unless you get another ticket to see another show/presentation (which is what we did).

Petersen House had a huge line and I felt they rush you through it.  I know it is a small area to view and they have to move people through, but geez, could we have a few minutes to spend with our thoughts in the room where a great man passed away?

I am glad I went.  I enjoyed the 1-act play very much, and seeing the various artifacts from that awful night, but I also felt cheated that I could not spend a little more time there.

Just my two-cents, you mileage may vary.

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