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 Posted: Mon Oct 23rd, 2006 03:28 am
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Doc C

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In doing my family history research just found this curious relationship.

Robert E. Lee, John Buford, Jubal Early, Abraham Buford, Nathaniel B. Buford, Thomas C. Marshall, James K. Marshal, Charles Winder, John Winder, Charles Winder, Lloyd Tilghman, Franklin Buchanan, Gerorge Randolph and Basil Duke all can be traced back to the original Lee in Virginia, Richard H. Lee, circa. 1613. Probaby many more familial intertwinings. These indidviduals probably had no clue of their kinship but this does again show that this conflict did pit family vs family. Would be glad to share what I've found thus far and hear of the countless other relationships.

Doc C

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