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 Posted: Mon May 31st, 2010 03:40 pm
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I keep telling my friends in the east that we took part in the Civil War out here in Southern California. 

To add to what the article said . Orange County where I live was home to many former Confederates.  Gorden Bricken has a book on Pioneers in Blue and Gray about the former soldiers in Orange County . 

Orange county was named for Orange County Virginia.  One of the founders of the City of Orange was on the David when it attacked the New Ironsides.

He was one of the leaders that helped Orange County secede from Los Angeles County .  Many of the leaders here were former Confederate soldiers.

The Drum Barracks Civil War museum building is the last wooden building of the military post that was built in Southern California to protect Los Angeles from southern supporters which were many.  The post was orginally 60 acres named after Richard Coulter Drum asst. Adjutent General of the Department of California and the West.  James Carleton was the first commander of  Camp Drum before the wooden buildings were built.  He lead the Californian Column that went to Arizona and eventually up to Fort Union in New Mexico to keep the peace along the Santa Fe Trail. 

Those are the men that fought at Picacho Peak in Southern Arizonia near Tucson .

The museum has many interesting displays including a display on the men of the Cal 100 who fought with the 2nd Mass under Lowell in the Shenandoah Valley .  Also the history of the camel in the US army is featured as the Camels were at the Drum for 18 months during the war. 

Anyone interested in joining a round table in the LA /Orange County /Inland Empire there are several to choose from .


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