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 Posted: Tue Jun 1st, 2010 02:46 am
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We stopped at the National Archives as well.  You are right about crowds...even in late May!

I was shocked at the fading condition of the Declaration of Independence.  You can barely make out John Hancock's signature!  Many of the others are faded beyond recognition.  Geez, the Magna Carta is in better shape.

The CW display was very disappointing for me & the wife.  This comes, of course, after visiting the museums in Gettysburg & Harrisburg, so it would be disappointing.  To me they did it on the cheap, making enlarged copies of things to fill space, instead of the real items.

I think the reason they did this was that some of the stuff is in such fragile or faded condition.  But I wish they would have had more things on display, IMHO.

We got to Ford's Theatre at 8 am and got the tickets.  What was nice about that time was there were NO tourists around, no crappy T-shirt vendors or buses, and I could get some nice shots of the theatre and Petersen House.

We also walked around the corner and went up the alley to look at the back of the theatre and where Booth would have escaped.  To me, that was neat...letting my mind drift back to that fateful evening.

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