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 Posted: Thu Jun 10th, 2010 08:47 pm
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Well Howdy to Captain, Susan, Sorrel, Pam and the rest.

Currently in Lexington after visiting Gettysburg, Monacacy, Manassas, Richmond etc, and now here.  Most of what you all have been telling me has been confirmed, one way or another.  Some oddities:

Pennsylvania beer laws:  made me buy a whole case of some stuff called WingLing, Yingling, etc.  Couldnt just buy 6 or 12.  Strange laws.

Many of the CD's for the car tours dont match the tour stops on markers or maps.  This is a shame and can cause alot of confusion.  Particularly at Manassas.

the Game Pie was good but I found it to be Turkey Pot Pie.  But good.  I liked the goblets they use for water glasses.  The Pike Restaurant is a rip and overrated.  The Guest Suites is a good hotel, but they need a sidewalk past Evergreen Cemetary to downtown.  The bookshops in town are great.  The gift shop at the museum isnt bad, but the people...everywhere.

Malvern Hill was cool but the road leading to Glendale is closed.  that is heck on a GPS which doesnt know the difference.  Drewrys Bluff is overrated and not worth the trip.  Fort Harrison is better.  I would give Monacacy a C-.  A ghost town and vegatation not trimmed back. 

One thing I would kindly ask the Park Service:  Please please please clean the bird do-do off the wayside markers!  I havent seen one yet which wasnt bombed and ugggggly.

Appomattox is OK, but beware of getting sent by GPS to the downtown museum not the site of McLean House. 

VMI and W & Lee are neat.  I like the latter more.  What a great place to go to school. 

Here's a find:  the Museum of the Confederacy has better stuff than Gettysburg Museum.   But it is so tucked in by the hospital and hard to park.  Given all the museums, including Tredegar, I have now seen:   220 case shot shells, 76 battleflags, 42 uniforms and 54 muskets, rifled and smooth bore.

What a trip.  New Market tomorrow then home.  Its something I can remember well into my late late long as my mind still works.  A vacation for the ages.

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