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 Posted: Fri Jun 11th, 2010 02:56 am
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susansweet3 wrote: Bama , did you get locked in and have to spend the night?  The first time I was there was late in the afternoon.  I was all by myself .  Didn't see anyone else around.  It was a little creepy. 


Susan, I just saw your question and so I will answwer it belatedly, but first, anyone can send me any unwanted yuengling... that is the nectar of the gods!


We did indeed get locked in and were concerned, when not laughing our heads off, that we might have to spend the night, or climb the fence, abandon the rental car and call a cab or the police, until a young man came down the sidewalk, swinging a golf club and inquired "y'all want out?"

His grandmother had been a caretaker and still had a key, he got it, opened the lock and let us out..

The driver, who maintained that "cemeteries always close at dusk" will never be allowed to forget that experience.


Gen Stuart is there as well as Gen Pickett, President Davis and I believe 3 US Presidents along with many other dignataries

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