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 Posted: Fri Jun 11th, 2010 06:44 pm
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I got lost in Hollywood Cemetary.  I was given a map and told to follow the "blue line".  I somehow lost the blue line around Pickett's grave.  Then, I was following the blue line on the left side of my car and not the right.  Anyhow, the map points out some dignitaries, but if you are looking for a certain general or col., good luck. 

I had some Yuengling left over from Gettysburg and have taken it on the trip.  After marching around New Market etc it doesnt taste half bad.  Wished I had bought the black and tan and not the Light Lager.

I dont know how we ever managed with the GPS?  Used to try to read a map while driving or stop and ask alot.  Now, it just seems to make the whole trip better.  I do notice however that the traffic along Manassas gets right on your bumper even if you are looking for stops along the way.  Somehow, they need to close it off to traffic except for those taking a tour.  Nice thing about New Market, Winchester and Lexington is its right off I-81.  Hard to get lost.

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