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 Posted: Tue Jun 15th, 2010 11:45 am
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The clean record of conduct that General Lee achieved at West Point wasn't matched by any cadet, before or since.

In reality, of course, he wasn't the fabled, perfect : "Marble Man." I agree that he had his share of human frailties of mind and body like the rest of us. However, he was clearly exceptional in his time.

However at the time I believe he was criticized in the press like any other general (rightly or wrongly), for not following up on Fredericksburg and for Gettysburg etc. I think Stonewall was actually more highly esteemed by the Southern press at the time. Lee maybe had a certain image of a "political operator" for some time being the right-hand man of Davis and having not shone in West Virginia.

But I'm not saying he was later definitely one of the best generals, and this is also getting away from his views on slavery/states rights and union. I'm just saying other southerners made a different choice between them, and also that I have some doubt it was a very hard choice for him given his later determination and statements.

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