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 Posted: Wed Jun 16th, 2010 04:35 pm
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Mark wrote: And yet in 1978 Thomas Connelly was able to write a very persuasive book arguing just the opposite of what Texas Defender just postulated-- that the R.E. Lee we know was primarly the result of a well managed post war PR campaign. I think Connelly took his argument too far, however, its worth a read. Makes you wonder if there ever can be "truth" in history! Cheers!

There is plenty of primary evidence. and of course results, giving us our modern view of Lee.
I'm unaware of much, if any, evidence of a 'a well managed PR campaign' to buff his image.
Frequently, the promoters of such a thesis use the *lack* of evidence to show how well organized and devious the campaigners really were ;)

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