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 Posted: Mon Jun 28th, 2010 11:13 pm
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Doc I'm sure many people here would agree with you re: Antietam. I feel that there are fewer obvious landmarks that are both historically significant and artistically inspiring at Antietam. After the bridge and of course bloody lane.....? Different strokes I guess. Keep in mind I approach these places from more of an artistic point of view. Some things may move me emotionally...but unless I can find a way to translate that feeling into an image it ends up just another picture of a field/bridge/monument etc. Of course my relative inexperience as a photographer comes into play as well. I've only been serious about photography for a year or so....perhaps next time I go there I'll see it from a different perspective. Heck it took me 30+ years to become a decent songwriter/musician so I figure I'll get there eventually...probably about the time I retire LOL!

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