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I think Hill and his leading Divisions were expecting Home Guard. eg Farmers with Shotguns, Flintlocks, and such instead it was Buford. I think the Confeds were beyond uaware that Union Cavalry would move so fast in the past they to that point they were ineffective. If you wanna scare off Militia and/or Home Guard fire a cannon over their head they will scatter.

As for Ewell two words John Sedgewick.  Ewell's entrie left flank was exposed. I don't think used up brigades no matter how many thousands could hold the entire Fresh 6th Corps.  The best way to look at AP Hill and RS Ewell they were living in the Shadow of Jackson neither could live up to the standard he had set and never did and if you want to get technical everything that went wrong at Gettysburg were more or less Jacksons fault. Stuart Upset over not being placed as Jacksons replacement went off on a self promoting raid and all but failed in his primary mission.  Lee expecting his Corp Commanders to fight like Jackson realized, Too Late, that they didn't.  Longstreet wanting to fight a different battle only fought Half Heartedly, AP Hill spent the Battle dealing with his excesses, and Ewell spent time listening to Early who deserved to get hit with a plate again and again 

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