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I go based off Ewell's (Early's) fear of a large body that appeared on his left flank by Johnson's Division (all other troops under Ewell's command had been engaged some of which were completely used up from the Battle.) I always believed the troops on his flank to be Sedgewick's leading edge I am wrong and I apologize for that. Sedgewick was trying to figure out where Gettysburg was. Whats interesting the commander of the Brigade at Cemetary Hill was Adelbert Ames (The guy who was Colonel of the 20th Maine befor Chamberlain) who, was new to the command of the Brigade, and performed better then anyone to that point in Battle manning the defences of Cemetary Hill, helping Hunt and Hancock repulse the full attack of a Corps after keeping the order of the entire division due to Francis Barlows pushing the division to far foward (Barlows Knoll) He held for two days.

The Lucky part is that the right person was in the right place at the right time.

All Buford could do was what he did perform a delaying action and wait for Reynolds and the right wing to show up and hope that Lee didn't send everything in at once  


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