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As a reenactor I have worn the 9th's Uniform for the Park Service Documantry at Antietiam and it is 10X more comfortable then the Standard Issue Uniform the most comfortable is the 79ths Dress Unifrom on a Hot day but I can't wear the Kilt in Battle.


Typically with Volunteer or Militia Regiments the States Provided Uniforms. The Standard Issue Uniform is a Federal Government thing so Units like say the 1st US Infantry would be clad in a Government Contracted company who would mass produce a uniform for the lowest price. State Uniform like the Federal would be lower quality and provided again by who ever gave the lowest bids. Typically Militia Regiments such as the 2nd Wisconsin (who wore gray at 1st Manassas which lead to tragdey and switched afterwords to standard with Hardee Hats) were Privatly funded and would chose uniforms they liked over what was Practicle. Many Units both North and South were formed by men who were wealthy and provided uniforming based on something popular the Zouave was highly popular following the Crimean War in Europe like the 1st Louisiana Special Battalion (Wheat's tigers) or 1st Louisiana Battalion (Coppens) took the Zouave Uniforms (these are French Algerian uniforms) and the 9th New York or 14th Brooklyn/ 84th New York also chose a Zouave Uniform. Much of these Uniform issues does lead to Mass Confusion mostly at 1st Manassas/Bull Run.  I can Honestly say at a distance it is Impossible to identify the 14th Brooklyn from Coppens' Zouaves the tassle on the Fez is the only difference and if you can see it, it's already too late  

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