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 Posted: Fri Oct 27th, 2006 01:46 am
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I'm having a lot of fun with this - reading "Echos of Thunder" about the Seven Days Battles east of Richmond in 1862.  Been there twice now and the first time completelely lost, the second time much better educated, and now reading this book designed for a battlefield walker makes me wanting to go back.

Since I'm at home though, I've googled up earth images of of all of the Seven Days campaign.  You can zoom in on Beaver Dam Creek, Gaines Mill, Malvern Hill, etc.  The only fuzzy image I found was a portion of White Oak Swamp.  Every thing else is crystal clear.  Using the book gives you guidance on where to turn and where to stop.  It's a great precursor to your actual trip there.  Road maps are ok but this beats everything.  Check it out.  Google Earth is an easy download.

I'm ready to go back!!

:) ConnYankee  :) 


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