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 Posted: Sat Jul 31st, 2010 05:17 am
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TimK wrote: I too commend your friend, Sorrel. He sounds like a very reasonable and rational person.

I would still like to point out though, that although he is not able to climb the observation decks or the PA monument, he is still able to access the Visitor Center, the Cyclorama, the museum, and for that matter, the battlefield itself. It was not just "politically correct" for the Gettysburg Foundation to make the building handicap accessible, it was the right thing to do. According to your logic, why bother spending the money and doing this if only 5% or so of the visitors to Gettysburg are handicapped? We all have limitations of some sort, but to try to do the right thing does not always fall under the ominous umbrella you call "politically correct", it is just the correct thing to do.

Sorry tim,

Youhave that backwards.

Those things are done due to public law as they should be becaues they are public property and should be accessable to all... private property is a different animal all toghether..

Where does the government get off telling a private busisnessman what he must or must not do with his property?

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