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 Posted: Sun Aug 1st, 2010 06:16 pm
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I'm a notorious fence sitter. I admit it. While I have friends that lean both left and right, I find good and bad on both sides. I find Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore equally irritating. That's who I am. Chastise me at will.

I can understand what Bama and Sorrel are saying. I don't necessarily agree with it, but I understand it. Maybe the "government" shouldn't be telling people how to do business. But if everybody did business the right way, the "government" wouldn't have to legislate that we should all be treated equally. That we should insure the accessibility and safety of customers in our place of business. So, if business people don't want to follow the laws of their elected officials, they have the option of not owning a business. That's my take.

I think what got my goat was what I perceive as the incorrect use of "politically correct" gone wild. If you wanted to say "politics" gone wild, I could understand it, even if I don't agree with it. When I think of "politically correct" being out of control, I think of garbage men being called sanitary engineers, short people called vertically challenged, and maybe bald people called - I don't know, whatever they want to be called.

I have a hard time throwing safety, basic equal human rights, and health issues in with some of the silliness I mentioned. Whatever you want to call these issues - I can't call it "PC gone wild".

And Sorrel - I would also like to see (hear) your Civil War buff friend chime in on some of his favorite CW topics. I think I pretty much know how most people that post on this board feel. Some more new blood wouldn't hurt keep some of the interest alive.

Just my take.


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