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 Posted: Wed Aug 11th, 2010 05:39 pm
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Thank you for those Longacre references. I believe I have narrowed down the person who called Kill-Cavalry a "frothy braggart." It probably was none other than Major General Pleasonton, the Army of the Potomac cavalry corps commander.

With all my stacks of Civil War books I have only one by Longacre and it is a pity. I would like to add the one you cite to my collection. It was never my intention to spend a lot of time reading about Kilpatrick, but over the years he has become one of my favorite Civil War scoundrels--one of those I love to hate.

Wherever there is trouble his name just seems to pop up. Because he served both in the Eastern theater and the Western theater of operations and was part many of the most significant campaigns and battles, he really did have some impact for better or worse. However he was far overshadowed by fellow Union cavalryman George Armstrong Custer, at least in the name recognition category.

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