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 Posted: Wed Aug 11th, 2010 11:39 pm
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i will definitely check out your pics! lucky! i wish i could take a vacation that revolves around the CW, maybe someday far ive been to Fort Fisher, Bennett Place, and Fort Macon. i could have easily spent a whole day at each place!!! i have just got together all my UDC paperwork, just waiting to get up with the president of the chapter to turn it in. i am the baby of the group. the oldest member is 93 and the rest are 60 plus. they are all tickled to have a baby in the group haha!! im excited to learn all these women can teach me. in the process of finding all the paperwork i needed i found out that my great great great grandfather was on the Confederate Roll of Honor and won the Southern Cross of Honor, this is stuff i didnt know but am so proud of. FB became the way for me to keep in touch with my reenactor buddies that live in different states, but once i got on there i found out why they call it crackbook....once you get started on there its impossible to stop!! LOL!!! and thanks, im going to be going to law school so i need all the luck i can get!

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