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 Posted: Sat Oct 28th, 2006 10:21 pm
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Very good selections!  I agree completely with you on The Vacant Chair, Glory, Garryowen, Mary Fahl and Ashoken Farewell.

My favorites have always been instrumentals...I like background music while working or reading.  For the best insrumentals, I'm going to list my favorite cd's, not individual pieces:

1.  All three of Randall Messina's works...The Civil War:   Heritage & Honor,  Reminiscence, and Violins of Valor

2.  After Class...Johnny Has Gone and also Hues of Blues & Greys

3.  Joyful Harps 1865...The War Between the States

4.  Gettysburg...The Boys in Blue & Gray

5.  Anything by The Camp Chase Fifes & Drums

6.  Not entirely instrumental, but one of my favorites...Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Live at Gettysburg College; Civil War Classics

Off the point of "favorites,"  One of my memories from childhood is a true story told many times by a VERY elderly friend of my grandfather's...long since deceased.  It seems that this man, in his youth, was a member of a "minstrel group" which toured the U.S. around the turn of the 20th century.  His band was made up entirely of residents of the northeast United States.  Apparently, one engagement was played in the suburban Atlanta, GA area.  This man was not much of a history buff, and as such, really did not know about the Civil War.  Anyway, one night in Georgia, one of the audience members asked for the tune "Marching Through Georgia."  The poor band members did not realize the contempt felt for it in that region and cheerfully broke out in song.  I can still see the look on the face of my grandfather's friend (and I still recall the shriek in his voice) when he told us..."By God! I thought I'd never see my home in Pennsylvania again!  We almost started the War all over again!!"

I imagine the individual who requested the song felt is was quite funny.  Our poor friend and his band did not!

Sorry I got off the FAVORITES topic, I just think it's quite a story and it does involve Civil War music.

Sarah Elizabeth 

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