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 Posted: Mon Aug 23rd, 2010 08:44 pm
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Does anyone know where this flag may be found?  I have already talked to the MOTC and there is no record.
I will be putting a head stone on my G-Grandfathers grave in Oct. put on by the UDC.  Any help would be appreciated.  But there was a flag.

Dec. 31, 1863.
COL. GEO. W. MUNFORD, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Va:
Colonel: By the hands of Adjutant William Galt, I return to the custody of the Commonwealth, to be laid up among her treasures, the tattered remnant of a flag, which was during last year, presented to the 52d Virginia Infantry, by his Excellency, the Governor. It has floated over the Regiment on the fields of Cedar Run, 2d Manassas, Sharpsburg, 1st Fredericksburg, 2nd Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg. Under its folds many a brave son of Virginia has fallen in maintenance of the Confederate cause, and, on the bloody field of Sharpsburg "the last enemy, Death," arrested it from the hands of a gallant bearer, * who, while living, was ever prompt to carry it defiantly in the face of his country's foes.
Let it then be cherished as a memorial of the honorable services of the men, who, amid fiery trials, have never faltered beneath it; and be pleased, sir, to send in its stead, as you have kindly promised to do, another, upon whose folds, yet unbaptised in blood, and untarnished by the smoke of battle, may be read, with fresh inspiration, the just doom of tyrants, and Virginia's everlasting resolve of resistance to oppression.
I am sure I but utter the heartfelt wishes of my countrymen, when I pray that, in the coming year, and ere the new flag can have lost its freshness, it may please God to vouchsafe to our bleeding country the balm of peace, and the blessings of Independence.
Very Respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Col. Comd'g 52d Va. Infantry.
* The color-sergeant, Charles Bush, a native of Henrico county, fell mortally wounded, and in his last moments bequeathed the undrawn balance of his pay to purchase a flag for his regiment.

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