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June 30th:

"...For Sickles, the march to Gettysburg was the culmination of three frustrating days under Meade's command.  In addition to being reprimanded because his trains blocked the progress of the 12th Corps on June 29th, Sickes received yet another rebuke from Meade on the 30th:  

"The commanding general notices with regret the very slow movement of your corps yesterday.  etc. (chewing Sickles out)...

[from Saauers, the Meade-Sickles Controversy]

Then came the confusion about where Sickles should post his troops.  Many of the stern messages and rebukes were delivered by Meade's son, a Capt., who was Meade's messenger.  Apparently, Sickles was getting conflicting orders from Reynolds, Howard and Meade.  The bottom line is, the two were sparring on the 29th until the 30th, then really got into it on July 2nd, where the famous line, "I'm afraid Longstreet wont let you they come." was stated.  Meade liked Humphreys and could have put him in command of the 3rd Corp.


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